Welcome to Sprout Pediatric Dentistry

Childhood is such an amazing journey—from newborn baby to young adult in what seems like no time at all. The tremendous pace of growth and change is especially obvious when it comes to facial growth and dental development.


Creating an environment where kids feel welcome
and engaged is the first step to a lifetime of
dental health and happiness.

At Sprout, we help children develop good dental health habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Good oral hygiene promotes healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, of course. But beyond that it is central to your child’s health and well being in so many ways, that it is no overstatement to say, “A happy child has a healthy mouth.”

Our goal at Sprout is to create an environment where families feel welcome, safe and informed. You can be confident knowing that your child is getting the best possible dental care, designed specifically to meet your child’s needs.

Dr. Lee