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What Are Shark Teeth?

Sometimes, a child’s permanent teeth emerge before their corresponding baby teeth fall out, appearing as a second row of teeth. Dentists call this phenomenon “shark teeth.” Most cases resolve naturally,…

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4 Tips for Relieving Loose Tooth Pain

Losing a tooth is a major developmental milestone, but a loose tooth can be uncomfortable for your child — especially if it’s their first one. An irritated gum from a loose tooth…

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Why Do Baby Teeth Become Loose?

You may remember being young and wiggling a loose front tooth with your tongue. Back then, we were excited to lose a baby tooth because that meant the tooth fairy…

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In What Order Do Kids Lose Teeth?

There is a reason why a popular Christmas song declares, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” While every child’s experience differs, baby teeth often fall out…

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How Many Teeth Do Children Lose?

As children grow, it is normal for their bodies to change and adapt to new conditions, and their teeth are no exception. Kids will usually grow 20 baby teeth to…

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