If you want to know how you can make a loose tooth fall out faster for your child, look no further than your kitchen for a simple, easy and dentist-approved way to get it out. Continue reading to learn how to help your kids lose their loose, stubborn baby teeth with certain foods.

3 Foods Items That Help Loose Teeth Fall Out

When your child wants to accelerate the tooth-losing process, you can give them several types of food to try and get it out. Certain sticky, chewy and crunchy foods can help remove a loose tooth. The hardness of food can wiggle the loose tooth within the gum, helping loosen the tooth even more, while a sticky item could pull the tooth out because of its tackiness.

Some foods you could give your child to try and get their tooth out include:

1. Raw Veggies

Have your child bite on or eat raw vegetables like carrots, celery or cucumbers. The tough surfaces can move the tooth, helping it become looser or come out.

2. Apples

Biting into an apple if a front tooth is loose is an easy way to get it out. The apple’s hard exterior does the same thing as raw veggies, making the loose tooth more likely to fall out if it doesn’t come out on its own.

3. Taffy and Caramel Candies

Try giving your child a chewy candy piece like caramel or taffy to try and remove their tooth. The stickiness could latch onto the tooth, pulling it out of the socket. Of course, after the tooth is out and the candy is gone, make sure your child brushes their teeth well to prevent cavities.

Regardless of what you give your child, help them try not to swallow the tooth. Encourage your kid to spit the food into a napkin if they think the tooth has come out and search for it. Finding the tooth will help when it’s time for the Tooth Fairy to visit, and it will also keep your child safe from the potential complications of swallowing a tooth.

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