As children grow, it is normal for their bodies to change and adapt to new conditions, and their teeth are no exception. Kids will usually grow 20 baby teeth to accommodate their smaller mouths. Then, they will start losing all 20 baby teeth starting around age 6, with the final teeth falling out around age 12 to 13. 

Continue reading for information such as how many baby teeth your child is supposed to lose and when their adult teeth will grow in.

Baby Teeth vs. Adult Teeth

After a child’s baby teeth fall out, their bodies will grow stronger, bigger and more permanent teeth. Your child will lose 20 baby teeth but grow 32 adult teeth called succedaneous, or replacement, teeth. These 12 extra teeth come from three sets of four permanent molars, which include:

  • Six-year molars: A child’s six-year molars are the first set of permanent molars that grow in the space at the back of their mouth — behind where the baby teeth were. These teeth do not fall out with the rest of the baby teeth.
  • 12-year molars: As you could probably guess, 12-year molars begin to grow when a child is around 12 years old. Some discomfort similar to teething in toddlers is expected when this set develops, including swollen gums and headaches.
  • Wisdom teeth: The last set of molars to erupt is the group of wisdom teeth at the back of your child’s mouth. Some kids may experience teeth crowding, while others will have enough space for them to develop normally. Wisdom teeth may appear around age 17 and often require removal due to a lack of space. 

How Long Until Adult Teeth Grow In?

In most cases, your child’s permanent tooth is already peeking through the gums when their baby tooth falls out. However, it can still take around six to 12 months for the full tooth to move into place. This is because adult teeth are more prominent than baby teeth and can take more time to fully orient into the proper position.

If your child has insufficient space for the new teeth to grow, their adult teeth might come in crooked. This is a sign that your child may need braces in the future.

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Losing baby teeth and developing adult teeth can be a long process for a child. Sprout Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics specialists are here to provide support. Please contact us with any questions you may have along the way.

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