Babies can’t tell you what they feel or express their discomfort, making it difficult for parents to know how to help them out. At Sprout Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we aim to give caregivers the necessary tools to help their babies with teething pain.

7 Tips for Soothing a Baby’s Gums

Your baby’s first tooth will arrive before you know it. While they can’t tell you how they feel, you may notice some symptoms that make it clear when they feel pain. Knowing how to soothe a teething baby is important to help them be more comfortable.

1. Massage Their Gums

Massaging your baby’s gums can help relieve the pain of teething by stimulating blood flow to the area. It also helps loosen any stuck mucus, relieving discomfort.

2. Use a Cold Teething Ring

If your baby suffers from swollen gums, cold teething rings can provide instant relief while cooling their mouth and soothing the pain.

3. Consider Pain Relievers

If your baby is in pain, you want to do whatever you can to relieve it. One option is to give your child a pain reliever like acetaminophen. Talk with your healthcare provider about the correct dose for your baby.

4. Wipe Away Drool

A little drool is normal when your baby is teething, but a lot can cause skin irritation. Help your child stay dry by wiping their chin with a cloth or tissue.

5. Give Your Baby Extra Cuddles

Many babies like to be held when they’re sore, so make sure to cuddle up with them as much as possible while they’re teething. You can also provide extra comfort by swaddling them in a soft blanket if they seem extra fussy.

6. Feed Them Cold Fruits

If your child already eats solid food, try giving them cold fruits like bananas or applesauce to help them with teething pain.

7. Stay Calm

It’s important to maintain your composure when your baby is in pain. Most babies fuss when their gums hurt and cry more than usual. Stay calm and remind yourself that this is a natural part of teething and will pass with time.

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