Wondering what the teething timeline looks like for your baby? Knowing when they may start teething is important to prepare and recognize if anything is out of the ordinary. At Sprout Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we can give you a general idea of what to expect from your baby’s first teeth.

Stage 1: Three to Six Months

Teeth begin to form before birth and continue to develop after birth. By the time your baby reaches three months of age, their primary teeth have begun to emerge from beneath their gums. These teeth will continue to grow for the next 12 months. During this time, your baby may exhibit early teething symptoms such as drooling and signs of discomfort that can include fussiness and irritability. At this stage of teething, pain management is vital.

Stage 2: Six to 12 Months

Want to know how long it will take for a tooth to break through the gums? You will likely see your baby’s first tooth emerge at around six months, with the upper and lower incisors coming in first. One sign that this is happening is that your baby may begin to drool. You may also notice that your child has started placing things into their mouth to find a way to soothe their gums as their teeth emerge.

Stage 3: 12 to 24 Months

At 12 to 24 months, your baby’s canines will begin to emerge, along with their primary molars. This is a difficult time for your baby, so it’s important to ensure they get the right kind of support. At this stage, you’ll want to ensure your child has plenty of opportunities to practice chewing on soft items like cloth or rubber teethers. These items will help them get used to their new teeth and reduce any discomfort they may experience.

Stage 4: 24 to 33 Months

By this point in your baby’s life, most of their primary teeth have probably erupted. However, there may still a few more on the way. The second molars typically emerge around this time.

While teething symptoms and the process may slow down, you’ll still want to take extra care of your little one’s gums. Brushing their teeth twice daily and monitoring them for signs of oral pain is essential.

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