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Best Toothbrush for Kids

Instilling good oral hygiene habits into children is one of the most important things any parent can do. Teaching children to brush properly early in life sets them up for a…

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Signs Your Baby Is Teething

When you picture the first year of your baby’s life, you probably imagine plenty of smiles, snuggles, milestones and more. And then teething starts. When your child is teething, they can…

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a baby being fed by hand in his high chair
Healthy Baby Foods

All newborns and young infants get their nutrition and caloric intake from breast milk or formula. Around age 4-6 months, many babies will make the transition to solids. While breast…

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Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

Parenting is a series of memorable milestones, including teething. When your baby’s smile transitions from toothless to tooth-filled, it’s time to consider ways you can support their oral hygiene. Baby…

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Do babies need fluoride
Do Babies Need Fluoride?

People have debated the effects of fluoride for years, but like with anything controversial that could affect your health, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about what fluoride…

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how to play an instrument with braces
Playing an Instrument With Braces

For most children, the optimal time to begin braces is between age nine and age 14. This age range coincides with the time during which many kids also begin to play…

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